Olympic Overtures

Sketch - Ralph Lauren 2014 Olympics Fashion
Ralph Lauren Sketch | 2014 Sochi Olympics

The 2014 Sochi Olympics may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry on those patriotic pursuits in your early spring wardrobe!

I hopped onto the Kate Spade NY website recently and fell in love with some of these fun Red + White + Blue frocks and separates.  Kate Spade and Tory Burch are my perpetual fall-back favorites {you can never go wrong with these two!}, and sure enough, I found some bright, late winter looks to blast you out of the February doldrums.

You’ll also find some cute collectibles from Anthropologie {add to fave fall-backs above} to round out your Olympic-themed shopping spree.

Anyone else already missing your nightly fix of curling and cross-country skiing?  Keep that U-S-A pride going!  Here are a few colorful “uniforms” to get you started!

Kate Spade Britta Dress - $478
Kate Spade NY | Kiernan Dress | $378
Kate Spade Shira Striped Dress - Center - $398
Kate Spade NY | Shira Dress {center} | $398
Kate Spade Julian Dress
Kate Spade NY | Julian Dress | $398
Kate Spade Emile Dress
Kate Spade NY | Emile Dress | $798
Kate Spade Taylin Top
Kate Spade NY | Taylin Top | $278
Kate Spade Fremont Top
Kate Spade NY | Fremont Top | $258
Kate Spade Franny Coat
Kate Spade NY | Franny Coat | $598
Kate Spade Millie Blazer
Kate Spade NY | Millie Blazer | $428
Kate Spade Holland Skirt
Kate Spade NY | Holland Skirt | $328
Kate Spade Cory Dress
Kate Spade NY | Cory Dress | $428
Kate Spade Ashby Dress
Kate Spade NY | Ashby Dress | $448
Anthro - Pop Dot Blouse - $228
Anthropologie | Pop Dot Blouse | $228
Anthro - Legend & Song Dutch Wax Maxi Skirt - $178
Anthropologie | Legend & Song Dutch Wax Maxi Skirt | $178
Anthro - Spicetree Dress - $298
Anthropologie | Spicetree Dress | $298
Anthro - Pine Street Dress - $118
Anthropologie | Pine Street Dress | $118

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