Wishing You a “Mary” Christmas

Hello friends!

After a little break for life {blogging can be all-consuming!}, I’ve missed the CHiC Scribe and sharing and hearing from you!  While my posts may vary from frequent to only-when-especially inspired, I’m grateful for the blog and the inspiration I receive from readers all over the world.  Still amazed at the reach of social media…

Christmas is in less than a week, and finishing projects at the office and gift finding/wrapping/delivering has been numero uno on my priority list.  I’m sure you’re also making a list and checking it twice!  How easy it is to participate more in the Santa version of Christmas than the Jesus one.

This Christmas season, I’ve especially had Mary on my mind.  And specifically, Mary’s response to amazing, but truly terrifying news, and her complete willingness to be used by God despite her fears.  God’s announcement of His coming Son was met with as many different responses as the individuals who received it.  Sarah, Abraham’s wife, laughed {Gen. 18:9-5} and Zachariah doubted {Luke 1:18}.

Luke 1: 28-30 says, “Gabriel appeared to her and said, ‘Greetings, favored woman!  The Lord is with you!’  Confused and disturbed {to say the least, I’m sure!}, Mary tried to think what the angel could mean.  ‘Don’t be frightened, Mary,’ the angel told her, ‘for God has decided to bless you!  You will become pregnant and have a son, and you are to name him Jesus.'”

I shutter to think what my response to such a divine proclamation would be.  I could most relate to a Bible character who heard the news and literally ran for the hills ~ I mean paralyzed by fear, not even waiting around for an explanation, 100 percent M.I.A. escapee.  And I’m in my 30s.  Mary was likely 16.  At 16, my biggest fear was not starting on the varsity volleyball team.  And that seemed monumental.

Mary simply asked how this could happen and Gabriel responded, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Do you really believe that?  And do I?

Note:  She didn’t argue, barter or ask for a contingency plan.  She didn’t debate God’s timing {after all, she’s newly engaged, looking forward to married life and if you think unwed pregnancy is taboo now…}.

Despite her fear, Mary didn’t flee.  In fact, her response blows me away.  Luke 1:38 says, “Mary responded, ‘I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to accept whatever He wants.  May everything you have said come true.'”

What a novel response.  And how pleasing that must have been to God’s ears.  Mary didn’t presume to know more than God and she didn’t allow her fears to impair her trust.  She knew God and she knew that she could trust Him.  When He said that he was doing a great thing and that she had a role, Mary didn’t balk.  She just trusted and obeyed.  Yikes, what a lesson.

This Christmas, I’m realizing the tremendous role of doubt in my life ~ and its power to impede the miracles of God.  I love Jack Hayford’s commentary on this passage.  He said, “Mary thinks, ‘This is beyond me.’  Yes it is.  Every miracle of the Lord is beyond you…  You must be abandoned to the Word of God and say, ‘Lord, I trust you.  I don’t see how, but I’m not going to mess with it anymore.  I bring my mind under control of the word of your Spirit.’  Then, a miracle possibility will open up.”

Do you really believe that?  And do I?

In fact, he continues, “You do not have to live in the sub-miracle level.  The ‘Mary Miracle’ promise ~ the same power Mary experienced is available to work in you.”

Do you really believe that?  And do I?  Do our lives reflect that truth?

Do we live our lives with the expectancy that God will do great things through us {despite our lowly status, like Mary}?  According to the Bible, our lowly status ~ paired with our humility and willing heart ~ makes us even more likely vessels through which God accomplishes His will.

Feeling a little left out this Christmas?  Quite lonely and a bit adrift?  Perhaps not near the top of your game and just taking life a day at a time?  Take heart, you’re in good company.  God chose to come to earth as a lowly baby {despite his Kingship} to an unwed mom whose faith was bigger than her doubt ~ and all for you.

Mary had neither wealth nor prestige on her side, but she was chosen to help usher our Savior to the world.  Think God can’t use you?  Think again.

Mary’s greatest advantage was her abandonment to God’s will and willingness to be used by Him for a greater purpose.  She didn’t question his timing {as hard as it was to accept}.  She was open to his voice and she simply obeyed his command.  And she changed the course of history for all of us.

Mary’s role was invaluable to say the least.  But, to me, her unquestioning trust and obedience steal the show.

I wish us all a “Mary Christmas” this year.  What a divine gift that would be.

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3 comments on “Wishing You a “Mary” Christmas

  1. Your most inspired and potentially life changing blog yet…grateful for the insightful time you spent with God that resulted in this devotional .


  2. God’s timing always amazes me. I knew I had missed reading your posts, but had been so busy I hadn’t checked to see why I hadn’t noticed them. I have recently retired from teaching which I considered my “ministry’ of love to children. And I have been wondering what I was going to do next for God. I got to attend my first daytime Bible study yesterday and the topic was on being open to Christ’s words “Follow Me.” So I was fed spiritually by that. And then today (in my retirement free time) I decided to investigate why I hadn’t seen any of your posts and I found this one. And it confirmed the same message. I may not feel as ‘qualified’ in my next ministry, but it is my willingness to trust God and be used by Him that counts. Thanks, Claire

    P.S. I also decided to click the option below to be notified of posts via email!


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