4 comments on “You Matter.

  1. I absolutely loved “So This is 39” in Bella Grace which I picked up for comfort tonight after work and then found my way here. Lots of truth and wisdom shared. Age is just a number. That being said, I didn’t really come into my own till after 50. Lots of great things happen as you age. It’s awesome! And women are connecting everywhere, across age, ethnic, and geographic boundaries.

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  2. Last night I flipped through my current copy of Bella Grace, rereading bits and pieces. Something in your writing made me think you might be a Christian. So I decided to find your blog and read it. Wow! You have totally nailed a big, painful problem in our culture today. I am a counselor. I have had women tell me they had to get rid of facebook because it upsets them too much. Clients are depressed and lonely, believing others are out there having a good life without them. I know what people post doesn’t always match their real lives, so sadly we are comparing ourselves to things not totally real or true. Thanks for this wonderfully written post. And thank you for glorifying our Lord by lifting Him up, and for your grace. I look forward to reading more.

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