“You’re Not a Jackass Whisperer.”

If I were to adopt a mantra, I think it’d be this one:


I’m always inspired when I come across the story of someone who is brave enough to live this out.

With that said, I love a story that went viral last week.

About a gal courageous enough to be honest.

And confident enough not to care.

I was so stirred by this refreshing story that I decided to create a new column here on The CHiC Scribe called CHiC Gals.

I look forward to profiling more awesome women who – to me – set the bar in authenticity, beauty, faith, style and character. If you’ve got someone in mind, leave me a comment or email me at chicscribe@icloud.com!

Back to this week’s inspiration…

In case you missed it… the story was covered by magazines across the spectrum, but I think Redbook nailed it… so I’ll quote the magazine’s words verbatim…

“Last Saturday, Rachel Hollis, founder of a lifestyle website called The Chic Site, posted a photo of herself on Facebook wearing a bikini while vacationing in Mexico with her husband.

In the caption underneath the photo, the 32-year-old mother of three said she put up the image because she was proud of the body that giving birth had given her – scars, flabby skin, and all.

The photo and its message of empowerment quickly went viral, with thousands of women thanking Rachel for helping them wear their post-baby body with pride. 

Then, something even more incredible happened: women started to post their own post-baby bikini bodies, saying that Rachel had helped give them confidence to flaunt their own beautifully flabby belly buttons and stretch marks.

‘You have no idea of how empowering your words are to someone as myself. I gave birth to my last baby (my third son) six months ago. I have many stretch marks… and my confidence has plummeted. Reading this has made me realize how I’m seeing everything in the wrong way,’ one user wrote.

‘That’s right. I still wear one, too. Had my first child in 1995. ROCK ON. IT’S NOT WHAT THEY CALL YOU, BUT WHAT YOU ANSWER TO,’ another user commented.

Hopefully, this incredible body positive message will keep on spreading, encouraging women all over the world to stop hiding their figures and OWN WHO THEY ARE.”

Come on now. How awesome is that?

Here’s the photo that Rachel posted…

And – sans stretch marks, as I’m not a mom – I’d take her gorgeous bod any day of the week and twice on Sunday!


The Chic Site - Bikini Pic

Even more than I admire her physique, I ADORE her AUTHENTICITY!

Unapologetically You

Apparently {from the nearly 5,000 times her photo has been “liked” on Instagram}, we all feel the same.

I love how Redbook concluded its article by encouraging women to, “…own who they are.”

Why, oh why, do we submit to a culture that pushes us to hide – rather than CELEBRATE – what makes us US?

Why are we willing to reblog her photo or offer our kudos through the Internet, but allow fear to mask this beautiful authenticity in our own lives?

Embracing Who We Are
I’ve become enamored by a fellow Houstonian who, to me, embodies this BE YOU MANTRA.

I had the opportunity to hear her speak in person last year, and I left with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Her name is Dr. Brené Brown, and you can find her website/books here.

There might be a bit of hero worship if I ever get the chance to meet her.

She wrote the quote above, and here are a few of my other favorite (there are gobs) words that she’s published…

Authenticity is a Collection of Choices

Courage Starts with Showing Up

Because True Belonging Only Happens

Imperfections are not Inadequacies

Incredible, right?

We're Better When We Share Our Real Selves

Redbook encouraged us to “keep on spreading” this wonderful, empowering message.

This blog post is my meager attempt to join the effort.

And throw my support behind those who take off the mask and proudly proclaim Popeye’s wisdom:

Popeye Quote

By living out this awesome truth, we encourage others to do the same.

And reveal that we’re all enough.

Just exactly the way we are.

I am Enough

Won’t you join me in spreading the word?

Share this post. Or leave a comment.

Or decide to show your own stripes. Or applaud another who does.

And for those who fear the results of authenticity?

I’ll leave you with my very favorite Brené Brown quote…

Jackass Whisperer
Here’s to Rachel Hollis and all those who heed her awesomeness…

{By the way, check out Rachel’s great lifestyle website, The Chic Site. You’ll love it!}

Happy Monday!

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