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Gossip Girl ended its six-season run last night and I thought it appropriate to crown Blake Lively as another of my ultimate style icons.  I love the way she always looks effortlessly CHiC, whether her hair is in a messy ‘do on a Starbucks run, or she’s elegantly attired in Zuhair Murad.  Like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, her style is simple, but flawless.  She looks equally at home in a stunning ball gown, a colorful Marchesa mini or skinny jeans with a pullover sweater.

It’s hard not to admire her classic West-Coast-meets-East-Coast, bohemian CHiC alongside Upper East Side panache.  Shoe designer Christian Louboutin said of her, “Not only is [Blake] beautiful, she is very talented and she’s very smart.  One of the things that is most important for women and men, at least for me, is intelligence.  Through a lot of things, she has proven that she is really intelligent and she also has this natural beauty and this natural way of moving, which makes her absolutely a great image.”

Intelligence is incredibly stylish.  And it doesn’t hurt to have Christian Louboutin on speed dial, as she famously said in Glamour, “When I’m going to an event, I’ll send Christian [Louboutin] a picture of my outfit and say, ‘What shoes do you think I should wear with this?'”  Must be nice.

I also love that she likes to be her own stylist.  She said, “I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better.  And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought:  This is one of my favorite hobbies!  And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me?  That’s a terrible idea!”

A Chanel ambassador, she’s devoted to the brand.  “I love Chanel so much,” she said.  “It’s everything.  It’s the epitome of what a lady should be.  It’s class.  Some people take drugs; I do stuff with Chanel.  The bags are a problem.”

While we all can’t be Chanel ambassadors, we can take a lesson or two from her style book.  Always a lady, perfectly put-together and usually a big smile on her face.  Winning combination.

Bl Sheer polka dots_

BL Hair

BL Black and White

BL CloseBL

BL Sheer

BL Car

BL Sequins

BL Burberry

BL Black Shorts

BL Fishtail Dress

BL White BlazerBL Bee

BL White Blouse

Is she an ultimate style icon in your book, too?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Or suggest some of your icons that may make their way into future posts.


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