Do You Like Who You’re Becoming?

 I saw a blog post recently in which the author posted two photos of herself in identical positions ~ one was taken five years ago and one was taken recently.  She went on to describe the ways her life had changed during that interval.  The post got me thinking ~ not so much about how my circumstances have changed over time, but how my heart and priorities have changed {or not!}.  Am I taking concrete steps to become the type of person I ultimately want to be?   At the end of my life, will I look back fondly at my progress and see how even difficult circumstances steered me to become a more faithful, others-focused, brave and thoughtful person?  Life is so short ~ there’s no time to waste!

Quite an introspective week.

An old boyfriend once told me that I was one of the most self-aware people he’d ever known.  At the time, I remember laughing {as you can imagine!} and really didn’t know what to do with that!  Is that a good thing?  To myself I thought, “Please don’t equate “self-aware” with “self-absorbed!”  Of course, he meant it as a compliment, and lately I’ve grown to really appreciate his comment.  One thing is certain: life will continue to pass in a blink and we’re the only ones who can change our course and direct our journey.

So I set out to make a list of some big-picture priorities I hope to continually inch toward.  Clearly, this isn’t an overnight progression, but hopefully by making your own list {and sticking it to your fridge or tacking it to your inspiration board where you see it daily}, you’ll be proud of the {insert your own name} you see upon reflection in five MORE years!

For example, here are some characteristics of the me I’d like to be.  My “ideal” Claire…

  • Knows the best {and strongest} things often come in little packages

Thought She Be Little

  • Is a princess {a daughter of the King}

Crown Love

  • Is true to herself, while respecting others

Be You Bravely

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken

  • Stretches her wings

Dare to Fail

mistakes are OK

  • Flexes her faith muscles {daily}

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith

You Are Not Alone and This is Not the End of Your Story

  • Stays attuned to the needs of others

Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

  • Knows it’s all about the journey

Life is a Beautiful Struggle 2

Your Journey is Unfolding Exactly as it Should be

Long Journey Begins with a Single Step

  • Gives herself {and others} GRACE

Be Nice to Yourself

  • Goes confidently in the direction of her dreams {like Henry David Thoreau}

She Believed She Could, So She Did

  • Remains grounded and in the Word

A Bible That's Falling Apart

  • Clings to HOPE as an anchor

But as for me, I will always have hope

Hold on to Hope

Don't Let These Waves Wash Away Your Hope

There are Far Better Things Ahead

  • Refuses to give in to fear {that’s a tough one}

Girl with Bird on Head

When I am Afraid

With Brave Wings She Flies

  • Picks her battles

Pick Your Battles

  • Trusts, above all, that she is loved

His Eye is on the Sparrow 2

You Are Loved More than you will Ever Know

How Glorious the Human Heart

  • Keeps her eye on the prize

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

  • Holds herself to a standard of GRACE, not PERFECTION Grace Not Perfection

A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect

  • Values only those opinions that matter {be they from friends, family or canines}

Your Value

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Flags

  • Doesn’t let the turkeys get her down

Don't Bring Me Down

  • Recognizes the value of holding still

Be Still and Know


  • Always prays firstDid you think to pray

Takes Time to Pray

Pray Hardest When it is Hardest to Pray

  • Lives gratitude

Live Gratitude

Say Thank You

  • Is an encourager

You Look Lovely Today

You're the Bees KneesYou're Imperfect, but you are WORTHY

  • Values her role in the big scheme of things

It's Not About You

Help People + Your Talent

  • Knows when to let it goLet it Go
  • Lets her little light shine

Let Your Light Shine - Pink

Those of you in the business world, like me, would never embark on a professional goal without a business plan.  Why not make your own YOU plan to keep you on track with some helpful, measurable results down the road?

Now it’s your turn!  Who do you want to see smiling back at you in the mirror next year?  And what are you doing to seek her out?!

If you’ve mastered any of the above goals, leave a comment to share the secrets of your success.  Know another gal who needs a confidence booster?  Send her this post and let her know that she’s cornered the market as an encourager, fear-buster, prayer warrior or dream chaser!  We can all use an encouraging pat on the back ~ and {if you share my personal goals above}, you’re one step closer to your ideal YOU!

Claire Signature

3 comments on “Do You Like Who You’re Becoming?

  1. I am sharing this on Facebook. A wonderful inspiration to read each morning. Thanks, Claire. Love you-


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