Hats Off to Derby Day

HAT - Erin Andrews Kentucky Derby Hat

Derby Day!  And the only thing more enticing than the mint juleps are the fabulous derby hats!  It it were up to me, I’d wear a fascinator every week {too bad I live in Houston and not London!}  But today was a great day to whip out your fancy toppers ~ and the bigger, flashier and feathery the better!

HAT - Kentucky Derby Hat - Black

HAT - Kentucky Derby Hat - Bloom

HAT - Kentucky Derby Peacock

HAT - Kentucky Derby Brown

I didn’t say ALL the derby hats were stylish.  Some are definitely statement pieces!  I’ll give this one a neigh, er, nay…

HAT - Kentucky Derby Hat - Horse

Truth be told, I’m really taking advantage of today’s derby fashion to write about my favorite new fedora.  With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, I love the idea of shading my face from the sun ~ especially if you can do it in true CHiC style.  As I wrote in my Easter post, not everyone can pull off the hat look, for one main reason… CONFIDENCE!  If you walk in the room carefree and confident {instead of hiding underneath an are-you-sure-I-don’t-look-silly brim}, you’ll have gals seeking their nearest J. Crew to copy your look!

Some folks exude confidence with a hat and fedoras are an especially stylish, carefree, summer look.  Below, you’ll find current styles from {top to bottom} J. Crew, Tory Burch and Banana Republic.  I tried on all three and fell in love with the third one from Banana {but all three looks are great}.  It will look stylish with jeans and a black blazer, a tank top and maxi skirt or a little sheath sundress and Ray-Ban aviators.

HAT - J Crew Panama Hat

HAT - Tory Burch - Classic Grosgrain Fedora

HAT - Sara Bow Fedora - Banana Republic

HAT - Banana Republic - 2013

Let today inspire you to bring out your own spring/summer hats and wear them with confidence!

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