Round Top Antique Market {Part Deux}

Antique Chest of Drawers

I had so much fun at last weekend’s Round Top Antique Market ~ and I took so many pictures ~ that the event warranted a second blog post!  In today’s post, I’ll share with you part of my inspiration for making a trip to Round Top this year, along with my surprise at what I found!

As you may have seen on my Pinterest page, I’m rather fond of inspiration boards {especially to place over my writing desk in my sunroom}.  I love how they keep creativity close at hand and colorful ideas always top of mind.  My one goal for this year’s market was to find a large, antique frame to serve as the foundation for my new inspiration board.  Here’s the idea of what I’m going for…

Feminine Inspiration Board

I assumed that, since the frame was empty and held no painting, it would be very reasonably priced ~ WRONG!  Each of the large frames pictured below, which would make lovely additions to my writing spot, cost upwards of $900!  I hadn’t quite budgeted $1,000 for this creative project!

Inspiration Board Frames 2

Inspiration Board Frames 3

Inspiration Board Frames

It seems creativity doesn’t come cheap!  On my way out of town, I stopped by one last market and found some new frames, which wasn’t my original plan, but they fit the budget {especially because you can get some steals on the last day when the dealers are closing up shop on the show!}  Here are a couple that piqued my interest…

Inspiration Board Frame 2

Inspiration Board Frame 5

I loved this last one, which is MUCH larger than it looks, and I settled on a price with the dealer ~ DONE.  Imagine my frustration when it wouldn’t fit in my car!  Such a bummer.  I finally found it… and then I couldn’t get it home!  And it would cost the price of the frame to ship it from Atlanta.  Rats.  The dealer promised me the same price when he returns to Round Top in early October, so I may have to hold off on the inspiration board until fall when I can bring an SUV.

Speaking of frames, also on my radar for the trip were small, gold filigree, antique frames.  I bought my first two at last year’s HADA Antique Show in Houston, and I wanted to grow my collection.  Round Top didn’t disappoint, as you can see below…

Antique Gold Frames 2

Antique Gold Frames

Antique Frames 2

Gold Antique Frames

From antique frames to the pictures they hold…  I was delighted to find these antique photos that spoke volumes without a single word.  Don’t you just wonder who these characters are and the secrets they keep?  You could write a novel from the expression on one of their faces.

Antique Sepia Photos

Antique Sepia Photo

Awkward Basketball Photo
{Truth be told, I snapped this one because it’s so awkward, it hurts. Never seen a team picture like it!}

I also came across a little gold locket {circa 1890} ~ similar to these ~ that I bought, with ornate engraved initials on the outside.  And inside, it held a vintage sepia photo of a woman from ages ago!  In addition to its vintage allure, it will look great stacked with other gold necklaces.

Antique Lockets

Here is my locket {open and closed} and the vintage photo that came inside!  You can’t see them in the photo, but she’s wearing a strand of pearls.  Gal after my own heart…

Locket Open

Locket Closed

Bibliophile that I am, I especially love antique books… the stories they hold, the countless fingers that have handled them and their musty smell that takes you back generations.  Yummy.  One booth in particular was filled to the brim and a treat to behold…

Antique Books


Bound Antique Books

Books in French Antique Papers

Works of Plato - $50,000
This book, the complete writings of Plato, costs $50,000!

Here are are some final snapshots from the show…

Antique Horse 2

French Sun 2

Large Panel

Vintage Pillows 2

Vintage Boxes

Vintage UT
{Vintage UT pennant! How much I’d love to buy it for my 93-year-old grandmother ~ the most hard-core Longhorn fan I know!}

And it wouldn’t be Texas without a sheriff on horseback…

Texas Sheriff

Happy Trails!

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