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Little Nests

Easter is such a special time of the year and a favorite part of the day is sitting down with family and friends for Easter brunch.  With everyone from little-bitties to adults in their Sunday finest, there’s no reason to neglect the table!  I found several lovely Easter tables on Pinterest and thought I’d share a few with you, along with some recipes for decor that tastes as delicious as it looks!

{For the photo above, you can purchase the paper Easter grass {in Cappuccino} at Blumchen.com and the brown-butter ganache robin’s eggs at WoodhouseChocolate.com to make these little nests.}

Bunny Bowl

Bunny Table

Grass Runner

Bunny Plate

Blue Easter Eggs

Bunny Napkin 2

Bunny Napkin Directions

I found this folded bunny napkin and fell in love.  Such an easy way to add a springtime feel to the table, and a great activity to do with your kiddos or nieces and nephews on Saturday afternoon!  I found the folding directions on ~ where else? ~ MarthaStewart.com…  Pretty simple, huh?  Pick out a linen napkin in a soft pastel color, and voila!  Bunny magic.

Easter Menu

Bunny Name Card

Here is another way to infuse the bunny theme on your table in a practical way ~ via menu or name card!  These are simple to make, but will make a significant impact!  I found the idea from Matthew Mead on a great blog, MissMustardSeed.com.  All you’ll need is the rabbit template that you’ll find here, some double-sided, matte white brochure paper, scissors, glue, a single hole punch and white mini carnations from the grocery.

Chocolate Nests

And how cute are these little chocolate nests?  They’re easier to make than you’d think. Here are the directions {again, courtesy Martha Stewart!}

1.  Blow up balloons, twisting and clamping ends with binder clips.  Do not tie ends, since the air must be let out slowly later.  Dunk balloon straight down into tempered chocolate, wait a minute, and dunk again.  Rest balloon clip side down in a small bowl, and refrigerate to set for 20 minutes.  Repeat process to create as many nests as you like.

2.  To make twigs to fill the nest shells with, cover baking sheets with parchment paper.  Dip a rubber spatula into tempered chocolate and wave over lined baking sheet, trailing chocolate over entire surface.  Refrigerate to set for five to ten minutes.  Repeat to create as many twigs as you like.

3.  Unclip balloons and let air out gently, peeling balloon from chocolate, if necessary.  Peel twigs from parchment.  Drip some tempered chocolate into the nest, and add the twigs in layers.  Add white chocolate eggs or another treat of your choice to these individual nests.  {The eggs in the photo are made of tempered white chocolate poured into egg-shaped chocolate molds.  A natural sponge was used to dab milk chocolate in the molds, creating this mottled look.}

Spring Birds Nests

Here’s another version of tasty nests that is simple to make, but will make you look like a master baker!  I found this idea on another fun blog, JustShortofCrazy.com, by Deb Thompson.  I WILL be making these for our Easter brunch!  You’ll mix up the ingredients just like you’re making Rice Crispies treats, but use crispy rice noodles instead of cereal.  Thanks to Deb, here are the directions:

1.  Melt 1/2 Teaspoon of butter in a medium-size pan, add seven marshmallows and melt.  Remove from heat and add one cup of crispy rice noodles.

2.  Put the rice crispy noodle mix in well-greased cupcake holders and form into nests.

3.  Makes six nests!  Then fill the nests with pastel Jelly Belly jelly beans and you’re good to go!

Easter Place Card 2Easter Name Card

Pottery Barn - Greenvine Baskets - Sale $10.99

These adorable baskets are from Pottery Barn and they are on sale!  Check them out here, and add them as a centerpiece to your Easter table, filled with eggs or furry stuffed chicks or bunnies.

Do you have any go-to Easter decorating tips?  Wishing you all a very happy holiday!

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