BHLDN to Spring

BHDLN - Spring Frocks

While waiting for Williams Sonoma to wrap a wedding gift Sunday afternoon, I decided to stroll over to BHLDN to peek at their fabulous frocks.  While most of the cocktail dresses are geared toward the bridesmaid variety, I love how so many of them are perfect for swanky Christmas parties, cocktail parties and weddings {guests not attendants!}  As usual, I fell in love with at least a half a dozen things when I walked in the door.  Only makes me wish I had more black tie events to attend!

BHDLN is one of my favorites, but {unlike most of the posts on the CHiC Scribe} it’s not a store I generally push for its affordability!  That being said, when I have a special event, BHLDN is always my first stop because I love its uber-feminine, vintage, classic feel.  Its throwbacks to bygone decades also earns it a true place in my heart ~ because, let’s get real… who doesn’t want to feel like a Great Gatsby heroine?  {Minus the ugly hit-and-run and murder, of course.  And if I just ruined the end of this CLASSIC book for you, shame on you for not reading it.}

BHDLN Fanfare Dress - $370

This little frock is called the “Fanfare Dress” and it is PRECIOUS.  I completely fell in love with it, even on the hanger.  What’s not to love with this style?  It’s a Tracy Reese original with a curve-accentuating drop waist and adorable flounce.  If you’ve got a spring wedding, make a bee-line for BHLDN.


How darling is this “Park Avenue Dress” by Katie Ermilio?  Speaking of Great Gatsby, the manager mentioned to me that several customers have bought the dress specifically for 20s parties.  It has to be my favorite, and just to show you how much I love it, here it is from all angles…


Might just be perfection in a dress.




This little mini is really cute, too.  It’s called the “Printemps Shift” by Quilaree and made me long for April temperatures and spring parties.  It contains three-dimensional blossoms {love how the website claims they’re “in various stages of bloom”} and includes bow accents {you already know how I feel about bows}.


BHDLN Agata Swing Dress - $420

Lace is so big right now, and so I think this “Agata Swing Dress” by Va et Vien is perfect for the season.  Love its vintage details and throwback to the 60s with the swing shape, bell sleeves and satin bow at the back.

BHDLN Agata Swing Dress 2

BHDLN - Coral Flounce Dress - $1200

I’d scoop up this “Coral Flounce Dress” by Katie Ermilio for the color alone.  Coral screams spring to me and I think the shade flatters just about anyone.  Very flirty and ladylike with its tailored waist.

BHDLN - Collector's Lockets - $350

If you’re not in the market for a cocktail dress, many of BHLDN’s accessories also look just as good at a dinner party as they do in a wedding party.  These gold lockets are gorgeous {they date from the early 1900s} and would look lovely stacked with other necklaces {also love their antique feel}…

BHDLN Vintage Cocktail Rings - $580 - $680

I adore color for spring and these vintage cocktail rings {dating from the late 1800s to 1940s} would brighten any hand…

BHDLN - Posy Ring - $557

Here’s another stunner, the “Posy” ring by Nora Kogan, about which the website notes, “From amid a bouquet of sculpted silver pansies, a pink amethyst emerges.”  {Gotta love the marketing vernacular}.

BHDLN Lambertville Brooch - $220Brooches are so lovely and remind me of my sweet grandmothers when I wear them.  This “Lambertville Brooch” by Ben Amun would look equally as pretty on a pastel spring dress as it would a classic black suit.

BHDLN - Queen Consort Collar $330

How pretty and feminine is this little “Queen Consort Collar” by Bonnie Strauss?  It would make a sweet topper to a simple LBD with stud earrings.

BHDLN - Snowdrop Chandelliers - $380

Finally, these “Snowdrop Chandeliers” by Erickson Beamon would add an elegant touch to any outfit.  Who wouldn’t want to wear these shoulder-skimming beauties?

After oogling over these lovely “finds,” it made me almost even want to be a bridesmaid again… I said ALMOST!  Luckily, you can wear them without the expensive gifts, weekend showers and set-up dates we all remember so fondly 🙂

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