National Get Organized (GO!) Month

OC - Pink Drapes

If you read my last post on the CHiC Scribe, you’ll know that organization is one of my key New Year’s resolutions….  In fact, I listed it as “Organize, organize, organize!”  Technically that might count for three resolutions {to show how important it is to me!}

While I love a straight house, I clearly missed the organization gene.  The thought of organizing my closet, tossing out things I haven’t seen in years {buried with dust bunnies under the bed} or categorizing my clothes into much-needed Goodwill piles makes me cringe and always has.  I’ll look through organized, actually functional closets on Pinterest and dream of knowing exactly where my red trousers are or that cozy cobalt scarf I haven’t seen since last winter.  {Still haven’t found it and we’re already half-way through January}.

I look at the gorgeous picture above and fantasize about seeing all my blazers lined up and color-coded on one bar, glass boxes of neatly folded pashminas and purses placed in easy-to-find rows.  Instead of the evenly spaced hangers holding ONLY the clothes I regularly wear, my closet looks like a smashed collision of clothes ~ from all seasons ~ many of them falling off hangers and tangled with neighboring dresses.

Not only does this make getting dressed quickly in the morning a chore, it also creates a feeling of stress and a lack of control over my LIFE!  In 2013, I’m all about taking the little steps to de-stress, gain a semblance of order over my surroundings and actually seizing the opportunity to enjoy my little house, rather than always fussing over it.

I recently learned about a fabulous website,  It is geared for clutter-prone folks like me and offers great tips on getting and keeping an organized closet, kitchen, etc…  The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) also is a great site to inspire you to take charge of your clutter with helpful tips and links to organizational seminars in your area.  I also love Real Simple magazine and you can find their article, “12 Secrets of Closet Pros” here.

As I begin to tackle my own closets this month, here are a few tips from various sources to kick your organizing resolution into high gear:

  • Begin with the “Big Toss!”  Go through your closets and if you haven’t worn or used it in a year, if it is out of style, and most importantly ~ if it doesn’t fit! ~ toss it into either the trash or Goodwill pile.
  • Get rid of your wire or flimsy plastic hangers.  Closet pros say that wooden or padded hangers are the best for keeping your clothes in tip-top shape, and they won’t get tangled together and result in a clothes-covered floor.
  • Everything is better in twos (coming from an identical twin).  Hang a double rod, or a rod underneath your current closet rod, to hang folded slacks and shorter skirts.
  • If you take it off, hang it up – right then.  Rather than making piles to hang up later, do it right then and you’ll save yourself hours.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day and your closets didn’t become a disaster overnight, either.  Devote 15 minutes a day to throwing out and straightening and don’t expect perfection immediately.

To inspire you to turn your own closets around, here are a few lovely pics:

OC - Color CodedOC - Dream Closet

OC - DoorsOC - Clean

OC - Bathroom SpaceOC - Style

OC - Light BlueOC - White dresser

Anyone else working on an organization resolution?  Anyone brave enough to share ‘before and after’ pics?  Any additional tips for putting the “GO!” in organize?  Let me know!

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