2013… The Best One Yet


New Year’s resolutions…  Clearly I’ve put them off a bit.

Steven Spielberg said, “All of us, every single year, we’re a different person.  I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.”

Do you believe this to be true?

Who do you want to be this time next year?

Admittedly, I have long way to go before I reach the me I’d ultimately like to be, but I also think it’s important ~ and one of my New Year’s resolutions ~ to give myself a break more and enjoy the present moment as much as possible.  Before we know it, another year will have come and gone… and it makes you pause to consider your own progress along the way.

Actor Cyril Cusack said, “If you asked me for my New Year’s resolution, it would be to find out who I am.”

Good goal for the new year!  Try putting your “want-to’s” into buckets… relationships, career, faith, hobbies.  Beginning from today, what is your starting point and can you visualize the finish line in 12 months?

In my own case, I want to be more present for those I love; become a much more ready listener than speaker; anticipate needs, rather than filling them reactively; switch the axis from my own center to those around me; take better care of myself and others; and play to my strengths to the very best of my ability.  They’re still in the ethos, with that description, though.  You’ve got to make resolutions concrete and measurable to be effective.

My plan, specifically, might read…

~ Become a more hands-on aunt to my favorite little bugs

~ Bid farewell to the perfectionist

~ Beef up my golf game {i.e. hit the driving range regularly}

~ Have lunch / coffee with at least one friend a week

~ Call my grandmothers weekly

~ Enroll in cooking classes

~ Complete my first novel ~ for real this time!  {If it’s in writing, am I held to it??}

~ Organize, organize, organize!

~ Read 50 books

~ Become conversationally fluent in Spanish {Despite my minor from UT, I’m functionally worthless}

~ Make GRATEFULNESS my mantra

I particularly like these resolutions:

“Resolution One:  I will live for God.  Resolution Two:  If no one else does, I still will.”

~ Jonathan Edwards

It’s no secret that keeping resolutions is tough.  Here are some tips for sticking to your guns from Real Simple magazine.

I think you’ll agree that investing in other people is a key resolution.  Possessions, fit physiques, hobbies and style will fade.  Just not important in the big scheme of things.  Make friendships and deeper relationships your priority and you can’t fail.  Here’s a great post on making OTHERS your focus in the new year from a sweet blog, LLH Designs.

Any resolutions of your own?  Don’t they say that burdens {and let’s be honest, sometimes they feel like that!} are easier to carry when shared??

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