This CHiC Scribe witnessed a new level of CHiCness at FASHION HOUSTON held at the Wortham Theater last week!  A girlfriend invited me at the end of a long workday, and I really debated (can you believe that?!) whether I should get dolled up and go or head home to my PJs instead.  So thankful that clearer heads prevailed and I decided to join her downtown.  I just bought a new Canon 60D camera and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take some fun fashion shots, even if at a distance.   I ran home from the office, threw on a Juicy Couture navy dress with 3/4 sleeves from a darling boutique in Tyler and some tall, snazzy brown Gianni Bini boots, whipped my hair up into a bun (what else?) and set out to join her.

I bought a $30 standing-room-only ticket and expected to be jammed against a side wall with hundreds of other Houstonians, so I didn’t have a clue what awaited me.

Lesson Number One:  It pays to be optimistic.

Lesson Number Two:  A big, flashy camera is your ticket to ride.

At least in Houston’s fashion scene.  In fact, I never even had to show my ticket! People saw the camera around my neck and assumed that I was with the press.  It really was a riot how many people approached me to take their picture.  And the kicker was that the bossier I became – “Nope, I want you over here and turn this way just a bit…perfect!), the more legit I became in their eyes.  Crazy fun.

One gentleman managing the crowd grabbed my elbow just after I entered and said, “Are you a photographer?”  I gave him a furrowed brow and a drawn-out, “Mmmm…” and he pulled me underneath the cordoned-off area of the red carpet to take pictures.  And TECHNICALLY, I am photographing for publication (thanks to my eight loyal family members and friends who read this blog – you guys are the best).

Red carpet shot.

The night continued just like that.  In fact, I spent most of my time standing on the press risers at the end of the runway with the “real” photographers.  After Wednesday night, “fake it till you make it,” might just be my new mantra.

I asked one of the cool photographers standing next to me (and pictured above) for whom he shot and he said, “Fashion Group International.”  Yep, me too.  While standing next to Mr. FGI, I was on cloud nine getting to take some of these shots during the Herve Leger by Max Azria show…

The color-block minis, lace-up booties, hot pink lips and mirrored aviators were just plain hot, for lack of a better word.

At the end of the night, I was just giddy.  After all the running around, I actually found my friend I had come to meet after the last show!  Mary Grace and I did our best to blend into the CHiC panache of FASHION HOUSTON, as you can tell…

What an evening!  And this was only ONE designer!  I also got to see gorgeous shows by Kevan Hall and Houston’s own Chloe Dao, who won the second season of Project Runway.  At the end of the night, my camera had logged close to 1,100 pictures, so there is too much material to fit into one blog post.  But not to fear – stay tuned, eight trusty followers of the CHiC Scribe! – for some fun shots of their shows, as well as some fashion-forward guests who, with their confidence in my skills behind the camera, made me feel almost as important as the fashion brands I got to cover.

And if you’re not one of my eight – rock stars that they are, I’d love for you to “like” the CHiC Scribe on FB and enter your e-mail at the right to follow, as well!

It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

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