Hopscotch + Princess Pedicures!

While I’ve been on a few dates in my time, I don’t remember a more fun one than the playdate I had yesterday with my lovebug niece, Anna Cate.

After watching the crushing UT / OU game with my twin sister’s family (other than the company, the only redeeming highlight of the game were the grilled chicken sammys – thanks David), AC came back to my house.  Make no mistake about it, my maltese Molly is THE incentive to come to Aunt Claire’s house, but I’m not complaining.


Two of my favorite bugs.


They’ve been tight for several years.


After some Cheetos and Diet 7-UP, we headed outside in the pretty weather with a bucket of sidewalk chalk.  On my narrow front sidewalk, she drew us up a hopscotch floor and, rather strictly, taught me the rules. 


Pensive hopscotch.


And the hopscotch began.


Cutie pie.


My favorite pic – mid-jump.


Five o’clock rolled around and so we put up the chalk and headed to the new Isle Pedispa in West Ave for some princess pedicures. 

I chose a great coppery auburn for my fingers and a dark plum for my toes (welcoming fall despite the near 90 temps).  And Anna Cate, being the faithful Kinkaid Falcon that she is, chose light purple.  The white flowers and “gem” toe ring were a big surprise and garnered Aunt Claire some major brownie points, if I do say so myself.  🙂



The hard life.


Takeaway from the weekend that will find a home in my office Monday morning.


Spunky, one-of-a-kind Anna Cate. Notice the “big girl” toe ring.


Finally it was time to take her home and she insisted that I stay for a glass of wine and dinner.  Throughout dinner, she kept kissing my hand and calling me the “queen,” so I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed our play date as much as I did.  Sarah put her to sleep and she started crying saying, “But it’s just not fair that you get Aunt Claire and I have to go to sleep!”

Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt?  Until the next play date…

4 comments on “Hopscotch + Princess Pedicures!

  1. so sweet! i have a younger cousin (she’s 14), and she still calls me to take her to dinner or come hang out. AC is lucky to have you!!


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